Friday 19 July 2019
  • Deception
    CAT: 19h00 | WAT: 18h00 | EAT: 20h00

    CAT: 19h00 | WAT: 19h00 | EAT: 20h00

    Deception is a modern-day interpretation of the classic love story, Naren is a young man trying to figure out life with no attachments or indulgence. He stays with his mom and dad who are very worried about their son’s new life journey. They see Pooja at a school concert and start to question if she could be the correct person to help them with Naren. Pooja’s uncle's house is getting repossessed and she could save her home by agreeing to Naren’s dad's offer of 1 million Rupees. Pooja finally agrees to go help with Naren, but she already has an enemy, Neelima, Naren’s aunt and hates the fact that she is being lied to about why Pooja is working in the house. Pooja is attacked and she accuses Naren.

  • Married Again Season 2
    CAT: 20h00 | WAT: 19h00 | EAT: 21h00

    Married Again Season 2
    CAT: 20h00 | WAT: 20h00 | EAT: 21h00

    The story revolves around two old lovers Raj Jakhotia and Divya Malhotra, who are separated by circumstances. It’s a wrap for Divya and her acting career, after 10 years being away from home and away from the love of her life, Raj, she finds herself on the train back to where she belongs. Divya goes to Raj’s house to see if he's moved on and she sees the woman Raj is married to. Sarita confides in Grandmother and gets advice on how to win Raj’s heart. After 10 years Raj still can’t defend his wife from his family. Divya has a couple of marriage proposals. Sarita finds out who Raj’s first love is and is devasted. Sarita gives up on her marriage to Raj and decides to go back home. Raj is arrested for invading Divya’s wedding, his in a lot of pain but Divya’s ends up single at the end of the night. Gaurav tries to talk Divya out of her idea of helping Sarita with her marriage but to no avail. Divya brings her camera team to Raj’s house in a bid to help Sarita save her marriage, but this is only her and Sarita’s secret. Despite promising to keep away from Raj, Divya confesses her love to Raj but also wants to see just how much Sarita means to him by lying about Sarita’s premature death.

  • Gangaa 2
    CAT: 21h00 | WAT: 20h00 | EAT: 22h00

    Gangaa 2
    CAT: 21h00 | WAT: 21h00 | EAT: 22h00

    The heart-warming story of Gangaa returns on Zee World. Madhvi and her son Sagar are struggling with being far from home. Will they eventually decide to go home and release Kanta from the pain of missing her grandson Sagar? Gangaa finds out that her daughter is suffering from blue baby syndrome. She realises that Krishna could be Sagar’s daughter. Zoya and his partner are planning on making sure that Madhvi and Sagar never reunite with their family. She wants to inherit all her father's riches, so the only way is to get rid of Kanta's favourite grandson. Krishna gets lost during the school excursion, this is a bittersweet moment when she and Sagar come across each other and spend the night together. She calls him papa bear not knowing he really is her father.

  • King of Hearts
    CAT: 22h00 | WAT: 21h00 | EAT: 23h00

    King of Hearts
    CAT: 22h00 | WAT: 22h00 | EAT: 23h00

    King of Hearts is the story of Siddharth, who despite being a jet-setting hotelier with a growing empire to tend to, takes it upon himself to repair the estranged relationship between his wife Roshni and mother-in law Durga Devi (DD). While DD has seen the trials and tribulations of poverty and struggled her way up to riches, she has hardened over the years and developed a somewhat condescending view of the middle class. Her daughter Roshni, on the other hand, has a rebellious streak, with an independent mind of her own, she isn't about to treat DD's ideologies as the truth. Born in the lap of luxury, she hasn't let her riches spoil her silly. Siddarth and Roshni are constantly put under tests to prove their love or sacrifice their love in-order to bring happiness of some sort within the house.