Wednesday 09 October 2019
  • Our Perfect Place
    CAT: 18h00 | WAT: 17h00 | EAT: 19h00

    Our Perfect Place
    CAT: 18h00 | WAT: 18h00 | EAT: 19h00

    Our Perfect Place is a family drama, based on family and bonds between parents and their grown children. Their five children are now adults, and have left home, something that neither Govardhan and Ila are accustomed to. As they spend their days alone, they start to reminisce about the memories of a full house. With their 45th wedding anniversary approaching, Govardhans and Ila are planning to celebrate with their whole family, however as with most family events, not all goes well. Ila disappears from the mansion and the family is worried sick about her whereabouts. A phone call from a nearby hospital about an accident and a dead body may just bring the Mehta household to its knees.

  • Deception
    CAT: 19h00 | WAT: 18h00 | EAT: 20h00

    CAT: 19h00 | WAT: 19h00 | EAT: 20h00

    Deception is a modern-day interpretation of the classic love story, Naren is a young man trying to figure out life with no attachments or indulgence. He stays with his mom and dad who are very worried about their son’s new life journey. They see Pooja at a school concert and start to question if she could be the correct person to help them with Naren. Pooja’s uncle's house is getting repossessed and she could save her home by agreeing to Naren’s dad's offer of 1 million Rupees. Pooja finally agrees to go help with Naren, but she already has an enemy, Neelima, Naren’s aunt and hates the fact that she is being lied to about why Pooja is working in the house. Pooja is attacked and she accuses Naren.

  • Ring Of Fire
    CAT: 20h00 | WAT: 19h00 | EAT: 21h00

    Ring of Fire
    CAT: 20h00 | WAT: 20h00 | EAT: 21h00

    Ring of Fire follows the struggle between 2 women, Ragini & Shriti, from different backgrounds who get married under questionable circumstances. Vikral breaks the news to his daughter about the man she is going to marry her, she is nervous while Anurag is busy trying to change his parent’s mind from getting married. Revati finds out that Vidvaan has arranged their son to marry an educated lady by the name of Shristi, she is devasted because Shristi does not come from a wealthy, respected family-like Ragini.

  • Jodha & Akbar
    CAT: 21h00 | WAT: 20h00 | EAT: 22h00

    Jodha & Akbar
    CAT: 21h00 | WAT: 21h00 | EAT: 22h00

    Jodha & Akbar is a period drama from the pages of Indian history. Set in the sixteenth century, it narrates the story of a political alliance between the Muslim Emperor Akbar & the Hindu Princess Jodha. Akbar has only one ambition and that is to conquer and rule the whole of India. Princess Jodha has to make the ultimate sacrifice and marry Akbar against her will to save her father’s Kingdom. Reluctantly she arrives at his palace as a new bride only to find out that she is one of his many wives. From the onset Jodha faces challenges and opposition and realizes that she will have to fight hard for her husband’s affection. Thus begins Jodha’s journey to transform Jalal-ud-din Akbar from a hard hearted king to a tolerant and compassionate ruler.

  • Lies of the Heart
    CAT: 22h00 | WAT: 21h00 | EAT: 23h00

    Lies of the Hearts
    CAT: 22h00 | WAT: 22h00 | EAT: 23h00

    This is the story of Urmi, a courageous young woman. Her dreams are fulfilled when her marriage to Samrat is fixed. On her nuptial night, she discovers that she married a monster, as Samrat has no time for her. Follow Urmi as she goes against all odds, to reclaim her dignity and be freed from a ruthless husband, and her indifferent in-laws.