From Saturday 07 July 2018 -  19:00
To Thursday 31 December 2020 - 20:00
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Amma follows Zeenat, a strong, bold and loving woman fights for the community's freedom against the British. The drama showcases some of the sacrificial acts she commits to acquire the rights they deserve as a community. After receiving news that her friend has been arrested, Zeenat rushes to the station to help her. Abbas finds out that Zeenat has been going against his word and takes a drastic step, leaving Zeenat devastated. Ramesh throws Zeenat out of the house and once again, she is left stranded. Zeenat stands up to a corrupt system, although this act is admirable, it cost her the life of her loved once. Shekar tries to take the fall for Zenaat's actions but she does not allow him to do so and stands up for what she believes. Shekar forms a new alliance with Zeenat and welcomes her into his home.