Zee World Weekly Highlights 23 - 29 March


Our Perfect Place


After an agrrement, Govardhan and Ila will be moving to the city into a new, modernized mansion, is this enough to stop the children from wanting to leave . Niranjan has his own issues to deal with when it comes to his past. Rita is having her own problems with Niranjan, but something happens to him which may change things. Uday returns home from college with breaking news for his family. Samir is still not keen on staying at home and the real reason for this is revealed a stranger knocks on the front door. it is discovered that Pooja is pregnant and Samir realises that he must take responsibility for his actions and take his future marriage with Pooja seriously.




Neelima and Vikrant are doing everything in their power to get rid of Pooja, they mislead her in thinking Naren is the enemy. Naren takes Pooja away from town to seek help for her condition, and on their way she is distracted by a clown. Everyone in the house is looking for them. Pooja wants to see more magic tricks, she has no idea that the magician is just a fantasy. The doctor is lying to Naren and Neelima.


Gangaa (Starts 1 April)


Gaangaa is the story of a little girl who only loves two things in life, her papa and her self-respect. She gets married off at a tender age, unfortunately she loses her father and husband on the same day. She’s forcefully moved to a home for widows, she’s saved by Niranjan when Sudha tries to forcefully cut off Gangaa's hair. We get introduced to Niranjan's family and his mother starts to question who Gangaa is. Amma puts Niranjan in a very difficult position as he has to choose between her and Gangaa. Gangaa realises that in order for her to gain entry into Niranjan's house, she will have to befriend his son, Sagar.


Twist of Fate (Starts 1 April)


Twist of Fate follows the story of Sarla, a mother wishes for her two daughter, Pragya and Bulbul to get married and live a happy life. Bulbul dreams of meeting the handsome rock star, Abhi, and Pragya only dreams of having a loving and intimate family. Sarla gets a wedding proposal for Bulbul, she is filled with sadness instead of joy as her elder daughter, Pragya, is still not married yet. Suresh’s mother thinks he is in love with Pragya and speaks to her mother about arranging their wedding. Bulbul mistakes Purab to be a flirt and a disrespectful person. Under intoxication, Suresh confesses his love to the wrong woman.


Lies of the Heart


Samrat finds out that Urmi has been helping the woman in the neighboourhood and looses his cool and shouts at her in front of her family. Urmi tries to convince her family members that, Samrat treats her badly but they disagree with her and they tell her to go back. Samrat's parents try to persuade him to go and ask for forgiveness from Urmi.Urmi's family finds out that she is pregnant, she considers terminating the pregnancy but her family is tries to convince her otherwise. Samrat is shocked to hear that he will be a father soon.