Zee World Weekly Highlights 13 May - 19 May

My Golden Home


Albeli confesses her love for Karan. Abha returns to Nilanjana's place. Priyanka is accepted into the family. The Prasad's try to unite Priyanka and Veer by preparing for a picnic. Shelly brings the invitation to the temple but it catches fire, is it a bad omen? The families arrive at their destination, but Abha cant shake the feeling that something bad will happen, Karan assures her not to worry. Sheetal is examined by Doctor Viren and finds out the shocking news about her pregnancy.


This is Fate

This Is Fate

Sherlin escapes from hospital when she finds out that her report has been sent to the Luthra family. Preeta finds Prithvi and Sherlin in a very compromising position in the bedroom.Aunt Janki is recovering and is ready to expose Sherlin and Prithvi, while thy stress over her. Ratvick is also ready to tell the Luthra family the truth.


Twist of Fate 2

Twist Of Fate 2

Tanu and Alliya are up to no good , and doing everything in their power that Pragya never comes back. Abhi gets the birth certificates from the school illegally, resulting to his arrest. Abhi refuses to accept Tanu as his wife. Abhi notices that Pragya and King don't sleep in the same bedroom and that leaves him with questions. Disha and Purab find out that Pragya and King are not married, the news gives Abhi every reason to fight for his family. Kiara is in hospital and Disha and Purab see this as a chance to perform a DNA test.




At the pit of a rumbling storm Karuna becomes Mehek's shoulder to cry on and her motivation to carry on. Norah is insecure about losing her voice and fears she might be losing Karan too. Svetlana uses Shaurya's injury as an opportunity to get Mehek kicked out of the Khanna household. Kanta, Nehal and Mansi work hand-in-hand with Mehek on her mission to get back into the Khanna mansion. Mehek pays Shaurya to prove that she didn’t get married for the money. Sonal's life is hanging in the balance as her mother is more concerned with her getting married. Norah's parents find out about the ring on her finger.


King of Hearts

King of Hearts

Roshni starts to question Sid’s relatioship with Pratima. DD executes her plan to expose Sid and Pratima. The relatioship between Pratima and Siddarth is revealed and DD realises that things aren’t always as they seem. DD decides to throw Babloo out of the house. Sid resorts to lying in order to help his father with their business. Roshni decides to look for a job in order to cover the household expenses. Roshni is kidnapped.