Zee World Weekly Highlights 21 May - 27 May

My Lost Home

365 MY LOST HOME 18H00

The Khurana family bring Bella home, hoping to help Jeet remember his past with Soni. Cherry disagrees with this decision but Durga manages to convince her otherwise. Shabd’s family receive tragic news about Sapna. Angat continues her plots to create confusion between Mahi and Shabd. Mahi starts questioning Sapna’s cause of death. Cherry finds out Bella’s true identity and decides to ruin her reputation. Durga and Soni’s plan to help Jeet regain his memory finally pays off. Mahi keep stumbling upon evidence that proves Shabd’s guilt concerning Sapna’ death. Angat takes advantage of Mahi’s vulnerability.


Fire & Ice

365 FIRE ICE 19H00

Leela tells Twinkle, Anita and Yuvraj that she found another donor for Kunj. Anita does everything in her power to find who the new donor is. Yuvraj takes full advantage of Twinkle's helplessness by getting himself released. Yuvraj kidnaps Kunj and takes his place as Twinkles groom. Anita reveals that the documents Kunj and Twinkle signed were divorce papers. Can Kunj make it back on time to save Twinkle from Yuvraj's clutches? Yuvraj's plan to spike Twinkle's drink fails as it is his own mother who drinks it. Yuvraj and Anita get Kunj arrested inorder to get Twinkle alone. Yuvraj challenges Kunj to a cricket match and states that if he wins, Kunj should let him take Twinkle on a date. Yuvraj tricks Twinkle and takes her to a secluded area, not knowing he just stepped into the belly of the beast.


Sacred Ties


Savita confesses that she really loves and cares for Archana. Has Savita really gotten a change of heart? Mr. Girish tells Archana that her goodness is getting in the way of Manav and Shalini's happiness together. Rasika goes over to Bhavna's house to spill the beans of who Varsha had an affair with before her marriage. Bhavna confronts Ashwin about his relationship with Varsha. Archana organises a baby shower ceremony for Shalini. Savita tells Dayaram that she will not let the divorce go through as she feels Manav and Archana's relationships brings joy to everyone around them. Archana goes to Mr. Girish's house to explain to him and Shalini that the divorce has been finalised and that Shalini is free to go live with Manav.


King of Hearts Season 2

King of heartsS2

Mahi is more determined than ever to catch Satya out at his own game and it seems that Satya’s enemies are willing to help. Payal feels the time has come for her to push the members of Satya’s hometown to sell their flats and let her buy the land. Satya finds a way to weave himself into Payals household. However, he doesn’t know that the members of the house all knew his father Siddarth, how will they react when they see him? Payal begins to wonder why Naina is so interested in Satya. Just as Satya realises he is indeed in love with Mahi, the unexpected happens. After Dhawal outsmarts Satya, he is forced to pull Mahi into a situation that may just show up Dhawal for what he is. Just when Satya feels that he may finally win this battle, Dhawal shows his true colours, but Satya may be the loser.

The Promise


Bani files for divorce and demands fifty percent alimony.The Walia family host a gift giving ceremony for the new brides, and it seems Rano may face humiliation. Jai and Bani try to get Piya and Pushkar back together. The divorce formalities start. Granny and the family urge Bani to rethink her decision. Bani moves back home but is still determined to get divorced. Jigyasa plots to get Bani kicked out of the house. Jai recognizes Piya’s good work at the company. Bani tells Pushkar the truth behind the alimony demand. Bani feels ill, but won’t allow Jai near her. Aditya and Tarun host a party to bring Bani and Jai together. Will it work? Jigyasa continues to try and create a rift between Rano and Rashi by favoring Rano. Bani gets a job but her new employers seem to have another motive.