Zee World Weekly Highlights 1-7 March


Young Dreams


Charu apologises for her behaviour, but is it a sincere apology? Rachna is in a tough predicament as she has both the Agarwal brothers to deal with. Gunjan discovers that Rachna's would be husband is Vihaan. Rajeev tells Rachna that he does not love her and it leaves her devastated. Vihaan argues with Dayal not knowing that, that is his future father-in-law.Seema, Sangeeta and Charu hatch a plan to get Charu closer to Mayank on Diwali. Vihaan comes home completely drunk. Charu's plans are ruined once again by Gunjan. Sangeeta tells Seema she will make sure Mayank and Gunjan's engagement gets called off. Mayank gets suspicious of Gunjan and Vihaan.


Ring of Fire


Vishu is in a life-threatening situation after he sneaks away to meet Shristi during Rajjo and Brijban’s wedding. Anurag and Parag try to help Ragini and Shristi break the wall, they realise that Vishu is not breathing. Ragini asks Anurag to wait before telling the truth to Revati. She tells Anurag that his mom is already shattered, this would further break her down. Revati finds out about Anurag and Ragini. She is agitated and refuses to forgive them.


Zara's Nikah


Forced into marriage of convenience, Zara and Kabeer learn to love each other despite external forces trying to pull them apart.


Twist of Fate


Prachi is suspended from college. Purab and Disha are still in love and Aaliya fears he will leave her. Pragya and Mira run into each other on the street, and Pragya brings Mira home with her. Abhi comes to meet Prachi’s mom. Rhea sets up Prachi and makes it look like Prachi has pushed her down the hills. While she hides in a nearby shed, everyone blames Prachi for murdering Rhea. While Abhi comes to meet Prachi’s mother at the campsite, Pragya goes to meet Rhea’s dad at the hillside. Abhi runs into Prachi and reprimands her for hurting Rhea.




Shiv and Gangaa are invited to a wedding but his mother does not trust Gangaa and asks them to go with Jumki and Pratab. Gangaa has found a daughter in Radika and is very happy with her, they both plan to bake a cake for her mother in law on her birthday. Jumki is insistent on the pregnancy. News of Gangaa and Shiv being kidnapped is all over the news, their family has nothing but joy about their disappearance. Parvati's sister is the woman Radika has been running off to see every night, this makes Gangaa very uncomfortable and jealous.