Zee World Weekly Highlights 18 - 24 January


Young Dreams


The friendship between Gunjan and Rachna slowly and steadily starts to grow. Shail notices that Rachna and Chhaya are missing during the prayer ceremony, but she's not the only one that notices. Rachna ignores all the warning given to her by Gunjan and Chhaya and decides to meet the mystery person on her chat account. Mintu forces the issue of being Rachna's friend. Gunjan stuns everyone at the engagement ceremony as she walks down in a traditional attire.


Ring of Fire


To Patch things up with Anurag, Ragini makes ‘kheer’ for him and accompanies Vidvaan to Anurag’s office. Anurag faces troubles as one of his contractors comes to Singh mansion, injured. The contractor refuses to work with Anurag, claiming that someone threatened with his life. Poonam visits Shristi and reveals that someone orchestrated her father’s accident. Ragini and Anurag’s relationship further deteriorates, and Ragini starts to regret marrying Anurag. While Shristi tries to keep Shekhar distracted and find out Vishu’s location from him, Ragini searches for Vishu throughout the carnival.


Zara's Nikah


It is a year later, Zara and Kabeer are living in different cities. What happened to Zara and Kabeer's love story?




A fire breaks out at the factory, destroying everything Mehboob, Zeenat and the community have worked for. The story takes a leap to an older and mature Amma. She has taken the position of a strong figure for the community, and is now leading with pride. Amma makes a deal with foreign delegates, but the deal soon turns sour. Faizal stands up to men making advances at Rihanna, but cannot gather the courage to ask Amma for Rihanna’s hand in marriage. Rihaana spots Faizal with another girl and immediately questions his faithfulness.




Niranjan is alive but just when they all thought the family is back together, Sagar and Gangaa are still deceiving each other with how they feel about each other. Kashish lies about being pregnant in order not to lose Purab, but when the truth comes out she loses both Purab and Gangaa. Gangaa is having premonition of the future but no-one seems to believe anything she tells them. Gangaa, Sagar and Krishna drown at the river during a thunderstorm. Gangaa makes it out but has lost her memory, her journey takes a whole new twist as she finds herself in a new home with new family members.