Zee World Weekly Highlights 17 - 23 February



Everyone prepares for Avani’s alliance. After hearing about Avani’s alliance, Bhushan wants to return home from their honeymoon but Shreya wants to stay. This causes a rift between them. Ilaichi expresses her concerns about Shreya and Bhushan to Trilokchand, but he assures her that he would handle the problem. Trilokchand explains to Bhushan that he should try to understand his wife’s likes and dislikes. Ajay convinces Ajju to talk to Sanjana’s father about Sanjana. Ajay sneaks into Sanjana’s house and informs her of his plan to get her married to Ajju in court. Shreya’s mother asks Shreya to manipulate Bhushan.




Naren goes against his father by marrying Pooja instead of Surbhi, Supriya is the only one rejoicing with them. Rahul is conspiring with his mother and uncle to turn Naren into a puppet. They plan on tricking him into signing papers that would give them access to the billions under Pooja's name. Harsha is furious with Naren for buying a house for Pooja, she tells the whole family that Pooja bewitched him to turn his back on his family. Satish is panicking and is doing everything in his power to protect Naren, but it could be late as Naren is injured.


Ring of Fire


Vishu and Shristi seem to be growing on each other as they spend the day together. The couples are in danger and are being chased by thugs. Ragni offers to sleep on the floor and Anurag on their bed, but in the middle of the night she goes on the bed. Ragni and her dad offer Anurag money to help him with his project, he refuses it and this disappoints Ragni. Ragni begs Anurag to give her 15 days with him to prove her love to him.


Gangaa 2


Gangaa realises she has lost her husband Sagar and daughter Krishna, she gives into being Shiv’s wife. Ashi's wedding is called off and Gangaa is being blamed for the fire at her wedding. Gangaa has found a daughter in Radika and is very happy with her, they both plan to bake a cake for her mother in law on her birthday. Jumki is still insistent on the pregnancy. Reports about Gangaa and Shiv being kidnapped is all over the news, their family has nothing but joy about their disappearance.


King of Hearts

King of Hearts

After the accident, Mahi seems to be in critical condition. News of Kareena’s baby has turned Satya into a different person, so different that Mahi doesn’t know what he is thinking anymore. Satya comes up with a plan that will help in getting Kareena out of the house completely. After realising that she was fooled Kareena returns with a vengeance and goes after Satya’s family members one by one, which family member will he save first?