Zee World Weekly Highlights 25 - 31 May


Our Perfect Place (Ends 27 May)


Rita’s attitude towards Niranjan starts changing, could this mean that she’ll forgive him? Ila feels that it may be the time to bring Govardhan back home. Rahul tries desperately to hide his health problem from Tanu. Its time for the family member to sort out their differences with each other. While this may be possible for others, can Hetal ever remove the hate from her heart?



Age is Just a Number (Starts 28 May)


A love story that unfolds in the beautiful city of Kanpur in India where Sahil a rich young man, falls in love with Vedika, an older woman who has a 15-year-old child. A troubled Sahil returns home from varsity with a fake graduation certificate. What will happen to Sahil when his family finds out that he faked his degree papers? Sahil is forced to marry his close childhood friend Nidhi. Sahil is slowly forging a bold with the conflicted Vedika Mathur, Sahil advice Vedika to use her talent to make money so that she will be able to pay off her debt. Sahil is sent to prison after defending Vedika’s honour from her noise neighbour who has sexual fantasies about her.



Naren believes that his brutal experience is Pooja’s plan to destroy him. Angraj is finally living like Naren, only Pooja notices he’s not Naren but she plays along and tries to find the real Naren. Naren is rushed to the hospital, but this is part of his plan to escape all that Angraj is doing to him.Naren has escaped, together with Pooja he comes up with another plan to defeat Angraj.




Niranjan gets hold of the evidence CD. The minister sends thugs to threaten him, but Niranjan stands firm about fighting the case. The thugs snatch the CD from Gangaa and Niranjan is left furious. Gangaa's father in law appears out of the blue, to take her away and Sagar finds a way to prevent Gangaa's father in law from finding her. Niranjan finds out that Keshav Solanke regained conciousness. Gangaa volunteers to be a witness for Niranjan's case, the minister’s men try the hardest to prevent Gangaa from reaching the court room and now even Niranjan gets trapped. Sagar and Gangaa go to the river to immerse her papa's ashes when suddenly, her father in law appears.


Twist of Fate


Abhi tries to taint Pragya’s imagine by blaming her for Aliya’s wedding being called off. Aliya and Tanu throw Pragya out of the house. Pragya confronts Tanu about her evil cunning ways. Tanu witnesses Pragya's wrong side. Abhi’s grandmother confronts Pragya about her hiding the truth from the family. Sarla questions Pragya’s happiness in her marriage. Bulbul decides to break her relationship with Purab in order to save her mother's life.Sarla's business is under threat, they receive a threat that they might lose the wedding hall and in an attempt to try and save her mother's marriage hall, Bulbul finds herself in a difficult situation.


Lies of the Heart


Samrat tries to forcefully take Urmi and Shaurya, but Gaurav steps in and intervenes. Shashi makes Kanchan believe that Urmi severed all ties with her also, thus creating a huge misunderstanding between them. Samrat uses his influences and gets Gaurav fired from his job. Urmi gets a job as a receptionist. After finding out that she is pregnant, Aditi has to decide whether to keep the child or to listen to Samrat and terminate the pregnancy. Urmi find a place to stay but the place doesn't allow children,Urmi manages to sneak Shaurya in the hostel.Samrat takes a drastic step which would force Urmi to come out of her hiding place. Samrat comes face to face with Urmi at the hotel and gets Urmi dismissed.