Zee World Weekly Highlights 21 - 27 September


Age is Just a Number


Vedika believes that planning the New Year’s Eve party is another opportunity for the family to start afresh. Mandakini confess her feelings to Deepak. Sahil marries Pankti. Everyone is shocked to see Pankti as Sahil’s new wife. Pankti’s mother suggests that she should stay with Sahil at the Argawal mansion. Vedika and Pankti talk and promise to support each other. Ved slips and bumps his head on the floor. Bimla strikes a deal with the evil in an effort to protect Sahil and Ved.


This Is Fate


It’s Karan and Mahira’s engagement day. Both Preeta and Karan are in despair over it, but they don’t share their true feelings with each other. Karan and Preeta continue with acting like they have no feelings for each other. Prithvi is excited about his planning coming together on it's on. Preeta expreses her true fellings to Shristi.


Zara's Nikah


With Rukhsar in a coma, Kabeer and Zara reunite, a spark lights up their marriage. Kabeer agrees to divorce Rukhsar but asks Zara to wait until Rukhsar comes home from the hospital. Kabeer, Zara, Zeenat and rest of the family put their acting skills to the test when they put on various acts to get a response out of Rukhsar who is on a medical coma. Rukhsar blinks after Kabeer and Zara’s pretend to have a tense argument.


Twist of Fate


Aliya is finding it hard to live under Pragya’s command. Pragya threatens to reveal Tanu’s biggest secret. Bulbul walks in on Pragya and Kulpreet's conversation. Pragya's secret is spreading like a wild fire. The three musketeers decide to go ahead with the plan to steal the donation money. In the midst of trying to save the donation money, Pragya and Bulbul are kidnapped. Pragya's plan against Aliya seems to be working. Abhi keeps testing Pragya to see if she is the superficial person she pretends to be.


Gangaa Season 2


Prabha tries her best to get rid of Gangaa and asks Amma to help. Gangaa and Sagar become very close as Gangaa stands up for him. Niranjan makes a very tough and heart breaking decision.Prabha's plan comes to fruition as Gangaa leaves with Rashmi and her husband. Turns out that Rashmi had her own hidden agenda why she wanted to adopt Gangaa. Madhvi and Amma realise that what they feared might becoming true as they watch Sagar and Gangaa relationship grow. Jhanvi treatens to leave Sagar if he doesn't make up his mind.