Zee World Weekly Highlights 13 August - 19 August

Iron Lady

Iron Lady

Rani is putting up a strong fight against Rishi and Mandira, going so far as to falsify medical reports. Now that the trial has come to an end, Indira realises that she has continually doubted Rishi for no reason. Rishi & her decide to seriously plan their wedding, but something happens to Mandira that may seriously affect these plans. The marriage proposal that Rishi sorts out for Mandira gets complicated when the truth comes out. The family tries to make a deal that involves Indira, forcing even more truth to come out. Once the family comes together for Indira, Jhumpa realises that she is losing her grip on a future with Inder so she goes to extreme measures by hiring a hit man to take care of Indira. Indira is devastated with the sudden disappearance of Rishi and goes to the police station for help; only to find that the police aren’t as helpful as she would wish.


My Golden Home


Karan tries to make Abha feel at home but Jagmohan puts a stern warning for Abha to stay away from Karan. Abha steps up and plays the role of a daughter-in-law. Karan works for a publishing house and meets with Uday Pratab. Uday is engared to see Prakash as Jagmohan's driver. Uday is sent to a mental hospital. Abha signs the deal and Jagmohan keeps his end of the promise. Shelly makes a new partnership with someone close to Abha. Karan takes steps to ensure that Abha is his forever but will Jagmohan approve of this? Uday receives news that might be detrimental to his health.


Sacred Ties


Archana sacrifices her happiness in order for her to unite Manav and Savita as Savita's condition gets worse. Savita's memory loss gets worse as she mistakes which shop she took her jewellery to. Bhavna gets a change of heart and finally agrees to the adoption. Shibu causes a rift between Manav and Ajit. Vaishali sees Dharmesh and starts following him. Archana finds out that she's pregnant. Manjusha sees Manohar leaving late at night and she decides to investigate the situation. After causing a rift between Archana and Vaishali, Dharmesh decides to target Vinod next.




Poonam finds it hard to adjust to her new life with Lakhan. Priyom finds out about the treatment Poonam has been getting from Lakhan. After arriving at the Thakur mansion, Lakhan gets insulted by Manjeeta and he takes his frustration out on Poonam. Rekha overhears Poonam tell Najma that she is still in love with Priyom. Sayra Bano is adamant to bring the family back together. Lakhan finds Poonam’s diary on the floor and reads it. Lakhan moves his family into in the Thakur mansion. Lakhan reveals the main reason he moved to the mansion is to make Poonam and Priyom suffer as he has.


The Promise


Bani plays her cards well and manages to trick Jigyasa into returning all of the Walia wealth back to her. Bani finally gets custody over her children,this however seems to be the beginning of a struggle instead of happiness. Piya has joined forces with Aparajit for her own selfish reasons. Aparajit loses the only evidence he has proving Bani guilt of Sahil’s murder. Rano realises that Bani is not happy committing to Aparajit and that her reasons to marry him are not valid. Aparajit comes to the realisation that Bani will never love him the way she loves Jai.