Zee World Weekly Highlights 23 - 29 November




Aditya tells Vidya that they should start a club for Autistic children. Everyone start to prepare Antara for the upcoming wedding. Aditya's problems continue to grow when he gets a call from Sameer's father about the size of the rooms he booked for the guests. Vidya decides to follow Aditya to see where he goes and what he does. Sameer tries to crash the Hanna ceremony but unfortunately for him Vidya recognise and exposes him. Aditya reveals to everyone that Antara is autistic.


This Is Fate


Karan and Preeta are at war with their feelings for each other. Families are involved and the it seems their enemies are winning.


Ring of Fire (Starts 25 November)


When marriages are arranged for one person, it tends to get dangerous and competitive. While Anurag is busy trying to change his parent’s mind from getting married, Vikral informs his daughter about the man she is going to marry her. Revati finds out that Vidvaan has arranged their son to marry an educated lady who does not come from a wealthy, respected family-like Ragni. Ragni falls in love with Anurag the minute she lays her eyes on him, but he is appalled by her behaviour.


Zara's Nikah


Kabeer is asked to step down as the city's Qazi. Zara is asked to choose between her work at the Sharia board and Kabeer. Bilal and Kausar's case has created a wedge between Zara and Kabeer. A year has gone by, Zara is living in a new city and Kabeer reaches out to Zara with the aim to revive their love story.


Twist of Fate


Aliya makes a shocking revelation to Tanu that leaves her baffled. Nikhil stops Pragya from showing the video with implicating evidence. Aliya warns Tanu that she will be kick out of the house soon if she doesn’t mend her ways. Nikhil wants to jump ship and work with Pragya because she gave him a better offer than what he got from Tanu. Abhi accuses Pragya of framing Tanu and Pragya has a feeling that Abhi is taking sides. Abhi and Tuna are planning to trick Pragya to sign the divorce papers while she is intoxicated but Abhi is having seconds thoughts about going through with the plan.


Gangaa Season 2


Sagar tells the priest that although he is married to Jhanvi, he will never love her like a wife. Niranjan begs and pleads with Sagar to stop destroying his own life. Prabha plots to get rid of Gangaa and Sagar by trying to shock them to death. Things get awkward when the priest asks that Gangaa's father perform a ritual. Gangaa faints during the ceremony. Gangaa is out on the streets. Prabha convinces Madhvi that Gangaa has been cheating on Sagar. Mr Pathak is forced to hand the property back to Rahat.