Zee World Weekly Highlights 26 October - 1 November


Age is Just a Number


Prachi and Puneesh are working tirelessly to frame Deepak and Shruti. Arya finds the culprit behind Guddu's murder. It has been years since the tragic love story of Sahil and Vedika ended in tears. Once again, fate reunites Vadika and Sahil as they are newlyweds again. Sahil is determined to fulfil his role as Vedika's husband. Sahil and Vedika arrange a marriage for Git. Will Sahil's family ever accept Vedika as their daughter in law?


This Is Fate


Karan and Preeta are at war with their feelings for each other. Families are involved and the it seems their enemies are winning.


Zara's Nikah


An attempted murder case is opened against Rukshar and she is currently under investigation. Will Rukshar tell the police who instructed her to kill Zara? Kashan and Zeenat turn the table on the family and there’s a new man in charge of the house and the family business. Kashan blackmails his father and wants him to convince the family into getting Alina married. Alina agrees to the marriage proposal. Kabeer leaves Kashan and Zeenat baffled after presenting evidence that prevents Alina from getting married.


Twist of Fate


Pragya and Abhi join forces to catch the person behind Bulbul’s accident. This unity soon bears result; they find the person behind the attempted murder. Purab receives a distressing letter from Bulbul. She later takes a drastic step that leaves the family devastated. Pragya comes out of mourning and decides to avenge her sister's murder. Aliya finds out about the power of attorney papers and takes advantage of this. Tanu puts pressure on Abhi to marry her. Abhi tries to rid himself of all the memories and feelings for Pragya.


Gangaa Season 2


Gangaa tells Niranjan about her dream of becoming a lawyer. Yash and Jhanvi have joined forces to go against Gangaa. Pulkit tells Supriya the truth about why he got married to her. Sagar tries his utmost best to convince Supriya to give Pulkit and their marriage a chance. Seems like a bond is starting to form between Pulkit and Supriya. Sagar takes it upon himself to bring Supriya and Pulkit closer. It becomes clear that Jhanvi is planning something big, question is what could it be?