Zee World Weekly Highlights 22 January - 26 January

My Lost Home


The famous couples return to the village on the day of the Holi festival, but Isha flatly refuses to get involved. Aanya and Raghu hide the fact they are now married, who will be brave enough to tell the truth? Having been married now, Aanya wishes to be taken on her honeymoon, but Raghu doesn’t know what that is. Rangeela steps in to save the day and makes the couple quite the offer. Upon meeting Victor and Victoria, Isha tells quite the lie to them about Raghu but later realises the consequences of her lie. While the families of Raghu and Bhola are furious at their sons leaving home for a week, Nikki begins to suspect that something is off with our two couple. Aanya and Raghu seem to have been caught out by Neil, but Aanya sorts it out shortly.


Modern Homemaker


Bindiya and Renu are at it again as they keep instigating Sunaina against Sona. Kanhaiya takes a drastic step that might affect his career. Sona and Kanhaiya team up to solve a troubling mystery. Sona catches the thief red handed. She, however, chooses to not inform Kanhaiya about this. How will she handle this situation? A theft has been committed in the Chaturvedi house, and Sona, suspects that it is one of the family members.  The identity of the person behind the theft is revealed. How will the family handle this news?

Lies of the Heart


Samrat's plan to trap Sanaya works until he finds out that Urmi is her best friend. Damini and Sandhya witness first-hand as Ishan asks Urmi to marry him. Sanaya sends Urmi a pic of Sam, how will she react to this? Samrat gets a call from one of the moneylender's henchman, reminding him that time is almost up. Shaurya makes it clear to Urmi that he wants Ishan to become his father. Damini tries to create a misunderstanding between Shaurya and Urmi. A man, Sundar,  comes to Urmi's haldi ceremony and it's clear that he has a hidden agenda. Sundar manages to frame Urmi, little does he know what is about to happen. Samrat comes face to face with Ishan and he tells him about the special gift he has planned for their wedding. What could this gift Samrat has be?



Krishi goes to Pintu’s house to seek Babloo’s blessings on her first day as BDO. Krishi’s first day on the job is not short of drama as she fires the middlemen and that causes chaos. Bihari tries stirring up trouble for Pintu. Krishi and her family are attacked by a mob at home as a backlash of her actions. Pintu has a big fight with his father and makes a drastic decision. Chaubhe receives a warning from Krishi when he makes some disrespectful comments to Sarita. Tuntun is shocked when he realises that Pintu hasn’t come back home. Pinky joins hands with Chavanni to slur Krishi’s name. Krishi is confronted about a newspaper article regarding her and Pintu.  Babloo convinces Pintu to confess his love for Krishi. Pintu finds out there is a marriage proposal for Krishi.