Zee World Weekly Highlights 10 December - 16 December

Iron Lady

Iron Lady

Munna shows up at Rishi’s family home, carrying a family member and only wearing his undergarments, naturally he is accused of foul play. The mystery behind who is locked in the forbidden room has now come to light. Zaara has returned. With her heart still obsessed over Rishi, her plan towards Indira murder hasn’t changed. Jamuna is turning out to be more ruthless than she appears. It’s a day of celebration but she plans to use this occasion to kill Indira for Zaara. With Indira back in Delhi, Zaara is taking full advantage of her alone time with Rishi. Indira starts to realise that something is terribly wrong back at the Chandela household when she receives a shocking message from Rishi.


My Golden Home


As My Golden Home comes to and end, the family finds out that Vasundhara and Swarn Bhawan are connected. Gayatri gets the keys back. Tejaswini advices Thakur that Abha's life is in danger and that he should take her home. Abha auto pilots to Swarn Bhawan.


This is Fate (Starting 12 December)


This is Fate is a story of two sisters (Preeta and Shriti) who are embarking on a new joinery to a new city. Destiny has been unkind to them, Preeta's wedding has just been called off and the two of them have just lost their father. Preeta and Shriti's arrival in Mumbai is filled with twists and turns as they find themselves in a compromising situation and Abhi comes to the rescue. Karan and Preeta keep having unpleasant encounters with each other. Conflict between Sarla and Shriti keeps rising when Shriti shows constant interest in Tanu. Sarla decides to not tell the girls that she is their mother. She calls Pragya, who is disguised by Munni, to ask for advice. Rishab's grandmother makes Preeta's life in the Luthra house a living nightmare. Shriti gets arrested and that results in Sarla’s secret coming out.


Twist of Fate 2


Pragya finds out the bitter truth about her past. She is faced with an ordeal, a father who made a decision that changed the rest of her life. Pragya and Abhi are faced with a situation that forces them apart. Abhi is left in shock after losing Pragya. Aliya and Tanu meet their deserved fate. Abhi confronts the two and gives them the worst possible punishment. The story takes a leap to a month later, Abhi is keeping hope that Pragya will return to him. His family try to remind him of the reality of things but he refuses to give in. Munni realises that Abhi is a good person, he does not deserve what his sister has instore for him. Sarla finds out about her daughter. She immediately goes to the Merha house to see her. Aliya devises a plan to use Munni to her advantage. Munni tell Abhi that she is not Pragya, but he does not believe her.




Gangaa and her school find out that Sagar's school stole there song for the competition. Amma comes face to face with Shankar and she desperately wants to get away from him. Niranjan returns and he somehow gets hold of the evidence CD. The minister sends thugs to threaten him, but Niranjan stands firm about fighting the case. Saloni is forced by her father to sign a fake statement that implicates Pulkit. Gangaa's father in law appears out of the blue, to take her away. Niranjan finds out that Keshav Solanke regained conciousness. Gangaa volunteers to be a witness for Niranjan's case, unfortunately the minister’s hunchman hears this.


The Promise


Adytia decides to take blame for Ranveer’s crimes. Ganga and Rishi are heading near Pratush’s house, destiny however seems to have different plans for them. Adytia reveals the reason behind him taking blame for the company fraud. Ganga finally decides that she will spend the rest of her life with Rishi, the two have their happy ever after. Jigyasa tries to talk Sunalli into hating Bani, could Sunali be her next pawn? Jigyasa’s plan to bring destruction into Vicky’s life fails. Ganga comes to the rescue and helps her family out of a tough situation. After finding out that Jigyasa is responsible for Vicky's fault, Jai confronts Jigyasa. She however denies all accusations.