Zee World Weekly Highlights 20 - 26 January

Lady Luck


Pavitra has opened up a can of worms by letting Yuvraj into their lives. Ansh and Bhoomi will be getting re-married, this doesn’t sit well with Yuvraj. Vasundhara is happy as she celebrates Bhoomi and Ansh’s relationship once again. Yuvraj poses as a project finance partner in order to get into the Prajapati household. Ansh ruins Pavitra and Yuvraj’s plan as he saves Divya from revealing her true identity. Divya and Ansh are about to celebrate their first festival together as a married couple.




Naren loses his goats to the fire that Neelima started, Pooja almost loses her life and is in hospital recovering. Rahul influences Naren to go to a certain gentlemens club with him, he calls Harish and tells him the bad decisions his son is making, but Pooja fails to believe that Naren is doing this willingly so goes looking for him. The community thinks Naren and Pooja are married and everyone loves them, and this gives Supriya ideas. Rahul hires men to kidnap Pooja, but Naren and Mayank go looking for her finding her fighting for her life. While Naren and Pooja keep getting close and spending time together, Guru manages to convince Harish to fire Pooja and send her back home.


Married Again Season 2


After being apart for 10 years, Divya finally marries her first love Raj. Sarita expresses her love for Vikrant, but he is finding it hard to let his guard down. Another tragedy ruins an event of celebration when someone in the family dies. Investigations are underway and all the evidence point at Sarita. Vikrant shocks everyone in the witness box during the court proceedings. Vikrant and Sarita are on the run from the police since he helped Sarita escape.


Gangaa 2


Shiv is ready to take over from his dad, but this makes his brother jealous. Gangaa has surprise visitor, but they can’t see each other because she must cover her face. Gangaa wins over Radica’s heart when she attends one of her school meetings, this gives Shiv surety that they will be a happy family, but the rest of Shiv’s family is very disappointed. Nanny tells Gangaa some of the family secrets, she now knows that Shiv is in danger as his family is against him. Thugs, hired by Pratab came into the house and kidnap Radica, Gangaa is a witness to all of this.


King of Hearts

King of Hearts

In an attempt to get the property under her control, Payal brings Aleena to the house. Payal visits a woman called Subhadra who seems to be hiding something for Payal, something that may affect Mahi for life. Aleena, Mahi and Satya are determined to see who this person is that Payal is hiding. They resort to many means to try and uncover the truth. After finding out who Payal has been hiding, Mahi is shattered to learn that Ria has no memory of who she is. Payal uses emotional blackmail against Mahi by threatening to worsen Ria’s condition. Aleena is obsessed over Satya but she can’t seem to get in-between him and Mahi. She comes up with all sorts of ways to try and disrupt the relationship.