Zee World Weekly Highlights 19 March - 25 March

My Lost Home

365 MY LOST HOME 18H00

Cherry plots to reveal the truth about Jeet and Soni’s past relationship. Mahi’s inlaws’ break into a panic when Soni disappears. Soni receives news that might bring an end to her marriage problems. Jeet storms out of the house after witnessing Durga’s merciless attitude towards Soni. Cherry plants doubts about Soni’s pregnancy in Veer’s head. Jeet gets fed up with Cherry’s conniving ways and leaves the house. The family receive the results of the paternity test; it clearly shows that Cherry had her hand in the outcome. Veer reacts drastically to the results and takes an unexpected decision. A series of events involving Veer end with the family in shock and mourning.


Fire & Ice

365 FIRE ICE 19H00

The Sarna family get very unexpected guests who seem to have a hold on Manohar and he fears them. Nikki and Usha try to give Twinkle a bad name to Bebe. Anand and Nikki decide to leave the Sarna household. Twinkle discovers that Anita was in an accident and immediately rushes her to hospital. Surjeet stuns everyone when he reveals he will be getting married again. Question is to who? Yuvraj makes his presence known and after creating a scene, Bebe gives her blessing for the marriage to take place. Bebe finds out that Twinkle and Kunj sleep separately. Kunj and Twinkle both discover that Bebe sent a photographer to spy on them. Yuvraj goes to Goa with the sole purpose of ruining Twinkle and Kunj's honeymoon. Yuvraj tries his best to get rid of Kunj for good. Anita puts the entire blame of Yuvraj's condition on Kunj.


Sacred Ties


Rashmi influences Varsha to lie to her family once again but lies catch up with her as Sunanda and Manjusha catch her red handed in the club. Vishwa steps in to reprimand Savita. Sunanda gives Vinod a massive amount of money in order for them to deliver all the jewellery that was demanded. Varsha goes to see her boss in the hopes of going on the business trip. Ajit and the brothel owner lure Manav into a trap which may possibily ruin his life. Manav exposes Ajit as the entire family learn the truth, but yet again Ajit has an exit strategy as the blame gets shifted onto someone else. Old wounds get opened once again as a rift gets created between the families. Manav tries to clear his name but Manjusha steps in and causes Vinod to turn against him in order to protect Ajit and her marriage. Savita throws Archana out of the house. Varsha makes a decision to leave the house for good.


Lies of the Heart


Shaurya brings Diya home and it is Ishani that welcomes her first. Damini realises that she is losing control of Ishani. The day of Diya's court case is approaching and still there is no evidence. Urmi's family encourages her to take over Diya’s case. Karan and Damini both see how close Diya and Shaurya have suddenly become. It turns out that Jamdar is helping the attackers. Ishani gets a phone call from Akash Kumar with a job opportunity. Shaurya manages to expose Karan for who and what he really is. Diya and Shaurya find out that Karan is working for Jamdar. Urmi makes it clear that she accepts Diya as her daughter in law. Damini attempts to get Diya thrown out the house. Diya gets a marriage propasal and Damini urges her to accept it,will Diya accept?


365 KRISHI 22H00

Pinky steals Krishi’s admit card to expose her to her inlaws. Krishi faints at the temple and a visit to the doctor reveal very good news for the family. Pinky shouts at Sonu behind everyone's back and is nearly caught. Everyone in the house is missing something because of Pinky's doing. Pinky gives Babloo the idea of taking Sonu to a boarding school. Babloo is determined to take Sonu to the boarding school but Sonu goes missing. Sonu gets a phone and communicates with Krishi. Pintu and Krishi sneak Sonu out of the school at night. Sonu goes missing from the school again and Krishi and Pintu who go looking for him get very bad news about him.