Zee World Weekly Highlights 3 - 9 August


Age is Just a Number


Vedika shocks the whole family when she supports Nidhi's claims that Shruti was trying to harm her. After Yash's tragic passing, Vedika is accused of adultery with a young man half her age. Vedika gets her hands on the report containing the personal details of her sperm donor. After being absent for five years, Vedika returns to Kanpur to reunite with her daughter. A lot of people are not happy with Vedika’s return to Kanpur and she is asked to go back where she comes from.


This Is Fate 2


Seeing no one believing Preeta, Shristi suggests that they should check the CCTV footage at the club. The Luthra family go to the club to find proof against Sherlyn. Karan is furious with Preet and says really mean words to her. It is Preeta and Pritvhi's wedding day, while everyone at the mansion is trying to act as if they are ok with not attending the wedding, Karan expresses how he feels at the breakfast table. Shritsi is trying everything in her power to stop the wedding from happening.


Zara's Nikah


Irfan informs the Ahmads that a notion has been passed against Kabeer for defying Sharia Board’s decision. He further reveals that the women who had witnessed Kabeer’s statement have to testify against him. Kabeer and Zara's relationship is in a rough patch again and this time around it looks like it is beyond repair. Ayesha asks Shehbaz to let her handle Zara and Kabeer’s matter in her own way. Ayesha moves into Zara’s house.


Twist of Fate


Pragya is stuck in the middle of nowhere with Abhi who is in a critical condition. Bulbul manages to expose Aliya to the family; how will she explain her involvement in the kidnapping? Aliya turns the tables around and blames Purvi for the kidnapping, Purvi is kicked out of the house. One of the men working for Neel is taken to Abhi's home, he then reveals the truth to everyone. Pragya and Abhi are back home. Pragya’s family lie to her about Purvi’s whereabouts.


Lies of the Heart


The lab technician that made the fake report comes to the house to blackmail Samrat. Asha and Urmi see Gaurav in the sari shop with his secretary. Urmi and Ishan finally convince Tani about Samrat. Shashi tries to cover up for Samrat, but this time the whole family is against Samrat. Tani’s diamond ring goes missing and she blames Rani. Ishan and Urmi find out that someone in the house wants to intentionally harm Shaurya, who could it be?