Zee World Weekly Highlights 16 July - 22 July 

Iron Lady

Iron Lady

Mandira once again gets herself into a lot of trouble because of a boy; and the lengths that Indira and Rishi may have to go through to save her is something that Indira cannot go through. While Indira is away from home, plans are made to sell the house. Jhumpa arrives at Sharma house and the truth comes out about Inder. What will Indira do? Rishi feels that there needs to be a lighter atmosphere in the house so he plans a party. But will the end of the night only bring more trouble? Sunaina has a visit from the doctor that brings quite the news to the Sharma house. Sunaina feels that a terminated pregnancy is the only option she has after Munna’s deceit. Will her determination prevent her from help? In the meantime, tragedy strikes Inder and Jhumpa.


My Golden Home


The procession of the centennial function is on-going, but the Singh family don’t know that a bomb shell is about to drop. A dark cloud is looming over Uday and his family, Uday takes necessary measures to sustain the pride and reputation of Swarn Bhavan but will his efforts produce fruitful results? The Singh family have been given a notice to leave Swarna Bhavan in the next 15 days, will they bid farewell to their beloved Golden home or will luck and fortune smile on them? Abha has met a handsome man called Karan, who takes a liking on her but the feeling is not mutual. Sheetal, Uncle Raghav's wife learns that the Singh family will be living with them, will things go as planned? As the situation toughens up Abha and Lata steps in to help the family to make ends meet, while Prakash wants something that is way out of his reach. Mr Singh is about to get the shock of his life.


Sacred Ties


Savita shows up at Archana's house and creates a huge scene saying Archana is a unauspicious presence in Manav's life. Savita gets Dayaram locked up in jail. Manav finally get's a job as a mechanic . Manohar get's sick and Manjusha blames Manav of purposely giving him expired medicine. Sunanda and Manohar tell Archana and Manav to go on a honeymoon. Archana sees Dharmesh in Punna and it is revealed he is hiding something from everyone. Manjusha get's worried as soon as she sees Manav holding an unknown box in his hand. Vinod finds money in Archana and Manav's closet. Swati tells Archana that Jaywant and Manjusha are responsible for Manav being framed. Archana cuts all ties with Vinod. Vaishali hears some good news but before she could tell Dharmesh, Madhuri asks Dharmesh to grant her another child for the sake of Varun.




Bindiya has caused quite the stir with the Thakur family and it’s Priyom who feels he will steal her heart. Things get complicated for Poonam when more of the Thakur family starts to show up at her college. It’s Rajkumar’s birthday celebration, but what occurs during the evening is nothing to celebrate about. Phulan makes a decision that does not sit well with his family. Lakhan does something that catches Poonam off guard and she feels the need to speak with Priyom about it, without knowing what Priyom had done. Sayra Bano tells Bindiya to leave Begusarai but after experiencing the comforts of the Thakur family, will Bindiya really give it all up and leave? Sayra Bano says the time to choose Phulan's heir has come, question is will it be? Rekha and Lakhan work out a plan to take over Begusarai.


The Promise


Piya’s memory loss seems to be causing more damage than good. Her suggestion to bring her shame to an end brings conflict to the family. Bani is arrested for Sahil’s murder. There is however a twist, Jai and the family paint a story against Bani. Bani’s happiness for her new born babies is short-lived and they are taken from her. Bani decides to wipe her existence off the face of the earth. Bani’s stay away from India has come to an end. Will she be able to return to India and face her past? Aparajit is proving to be a new enemy of Jai’s. An opportunity to hurt Jai arises and he does not let it pass.