Zee World Weekly Highlights 15 April - 21 April

My Golden Home


Abha and Lata pursuade Kanika to withdraw the case, she agrees but with a hefty condition. Lata and Raj's relationship improve. Pratibha sees Kanika's insensitivy towards the situation but blames Abha. Uday returns home and meets with Lata and Prakash, he convinces Prakash not to divorce Kanika but to stand by her. Abha travels to Swarn Bhawan. Raj sends the Prasad's a letter that shocks them.


This is Fate

This Is Fate

Sarla convinces Preeta to get herself another job and never go to the Luthra’s mansion. The Doctor escapes from Sherlyn and Prithvi. A date is set for Rishab and Sherlyn’s wedding. Prithvi and Sherlyn are planning on destroying Karan’s career. Karan is drugged, and journalists are busy taking pictures of this embarrassing moment. While Preeta is in the bathroom, Prithvi locks her in and his plan continues , Karan is arrested for rape.


Twist of Fate 2

Twist Of Fate 2

Kiara saw who killed John and she tells her mom about everything she saw. King and Abhi try figure out who could have tried to kill Pragya. Police take Tanu in for questioning. Abhi and Pragya spend time together, and someone walks in on them in King’s bedroom.Tanu expresses her love for Abhi, and Pragya decides to hide the fact that her and Abhi have a daughter. Tanu and Aliya lock Abhi in the school storeroom, but fate has Pragya locked up in the same room.




Norah and Sonal contemplate telling Karan the truth about who he has been chatting with. Having failed to throw Mehek out of his show, Shaurya now plans to make her suffer humiliation on national television. Karan and Norah's meeting reveals a whole lot more than expected. Shaurya challenges Mehek by making her cook chicken despite her being pure vegetarian. Norah works on trying to prove her brother's innocence. There is tension in the rich Khanna household as Mehek challenges Shaurya. Norah struggles with her secret as she spends even more time with Karan.


Married Again

Married Again

Ishita pays a dancer at the Sindhia celebration to kidnap Ayu. Even though she manages to do so, her conscious convinces her otherwise. Ishita’s second attempt at kidnapping Ayu has succeeded. Time has passed and Ayu has still not been found. Bhavhani has adopted a child, giving her the ability to be a mother. The truth about Ishita’s past is finally revealed. Yash and Aarti spend time recalling and cherishing their memories. The challenges they faced and the journey they took together. Ishita comes back, she kidnaps Ayu. Her plan fails and is arrested. The couple end up happy together.


King of Hearts (Starts 21 April)

King of Hearts

King of Hearts is the story of Siddharth, who despite being a jet-setting hotelier with a growing empire to tend to, takes it upon himself to repair the estranged relationship between his wife Roshni and mother-in law Durga Devi (DD). A humble girl seeks for her business orientated mother’s love. Even on her birthday, her mother fails to grant her this. She meets a vibrant young man; her face immediately lights up when she experiences his kindness.