Zee World Weekly Highlights 15 October - 21 October

Iron Lady

Iron Lady

Malik has escaped, but the family receives rewards for their bravery. One of the rewards will end up taking Indu to Pakistan to support a children’s program. Shweta has decided to leave the Sharma house and her family behind, leaving only a note behind for Indu. Zaara is being awarded a medal for her bravery for the nation. But something terrible happens during the ceremony. Indu tries hard to get Rishi to talk with the patient but things get complicated over the phone. Rishi has become intensely interested with the patient that looks just like Indira. Confused at who to believe, he decides to go to the mental asylum. Zaara discovers what happened to Indira after Rishi fainted at her funeral burning.


My Golden Home


Kanika is head over heels with Nikil and has made up her mind to get married to him but Abha is against her decision. Jagmohan's plans to get Kanika married to Prakash takes a toll on everyone as they know just how dramatic Kanika can be. Kanika and Nikil continues with their plans and with backing from Shelly and Yashodhara they married. Pratibha's life may be hanging on a thin line as the doctor advices that she should have a brain operation but she continues with her escapades without even knowing her life treatining situation. Kanika infuriates everyone when she hires people to make renovations in the house without consulting anyone.


Twist of Fate 2


Pragya reprimands Purab for making a decision that could set she and Abhi apart. Abhi on the other hand, is bothered by the fact Pragya had hidden such a big secret from him. Abhi is haunted by his unknown past and begs Pragya to help him recall the events of the past two years. Tanu realises that she is fighting a losing battle when she sees Pragya and Abhi exchanging vows, she tries to humiliate Sarla but she is left embarrassed. Abhi proposes an engagement date for Pragya and Purab and all hell breaks lose when Sarla hears of this. Abhi keeps getting blurry flashbacks of his past with Pragya.




The Thakur’s put a bounty on Komal but he is one step ahead of them. Mithilesh's life hangs in the balance as Poonam has to decide between saving him or Bindiya's baby. Poonam gives in to Komal's demands to save her family. Mithilesh and Manjeeta try to escape, but one of them get shot. Komal finally succeeds in separating Poonam and Lakhan as she shoots him down. Bindiya not only delivers Poonam's child, but also ends Komal's life.


The Promise


Pronita’s trip to Mount Abu brings about her and Jai meeting. Even though she does not remember her past her instincts bring emotions of connection between the two. After her conversation with Jai, Pronita realises that the face she has been trying to paint is actually Bani’s face and she goes to Mumbai to find out the truth about Bani. Pronita mis-interprets Jai thinking that he is the one responsible for Bani's death. It is revealed that the one person Pronita trusts has been hiding the truth about her past from her. Jai's children find themselves in a difficult situation, kept hostage in a mall. After intensive search Pronita comes to the conclusion that Jai is not responsible Bani’s death.


Gangaa (Starts 18 October)


Gangaa is the story of a little girl who only loves two things in life, her father and her self-respect. She gets married off at a tender age, unfortunately a tragic event leads to her losing her father and husband on the same day. Niranjan saves Gangaa from Sudha and the other widows, soon after that he makes a bold decision. We get introduced to Niranjan's family and his mother starts to question who Gangaa is. Amma puts Niranjan in a very difficult position as he has to choose between her and Gangaa. Gangaa realises that in order for her to gain entry into Niranjan's house, she has to befriend his son, Sagar. Mairi steals jewellery from Madhvi and blames Gangaa. Niranjan finds Gangaa looking for her father inorder to perform his last rights.