Zee World Weekly Highlights 19 February - 25 February

My Lost Home

365 MY LOST HOME 18H00

Mahi finds out the truth behind the death of Kamya's mother and her attempt to expose the truth lands her in a life-threatening situation. Mahi is unable to takes the pressure and tension at her in-laws’ home and decides to take a drastic step to keep the peace in the family. It is Jeet and Cherry's wedding and it’s clear that he’s getting married for the wrong reason. Cherry is shocked when Jeet holds back on their wedding night. Veer returns home. The news of his brother’s wedding leave him astonished,as he and Cheery have history. Soni checks on Shabd and catches Suhani right on the act.


Fire & Ice

365 FIRE ICE 19H00

Twinkle and Yuvraj are seeing each other behind their mother's backs. Leela hears about the perfect guy for Twinkle and his non other than Kunj, Mr. Manohar's son. Yuvraj tells Twinkle that the only way they can solve the problem is to elope. Meanwhile Leela is finalising getting Twinkle married to Manohar Sarna's son. Leela's affection compels Twinkle to drop Yuvraj. Yuvraj sees Twinkle and Kunj together and he looses his mind. Twinkle and Kunj's alliance gets finalised. All three Kunj, Yuvraj and Twinkle try to work out their own ways to call off the engagement. Who's plan will succeed first? Kunj starts to get a soft spot for Twinkle after she saves his nephew. A girl named Anu falsely accuse Kunj at the ceremony, will this stop the engagement from happening?  Twinkle and Kunj find it hard to tell their parents the truth.


Modern Homemaker


A man reveals that he has been in relationship with Chitrasi. The table turns when the man blames Sona for everything he said about Chitrasi. The truth behind Sona's death is revealed. Will Sunaina be able to keep the truth from everyone? Sona puts her plan against Chitrasi in action. Chitrasi tries all means to keep the secret about Sona from everyone but fails. Chitrashi tries convincing the family that Sona is haunting her but gets caught in her own lies. Sona's plan to reveal Chitrashi's true colours is revealed. Sona’s journey to redefining a housewife might have been a rollercoaster, but, it has brought a change in her family.


Sacred Ties (Starts 25 February)

SACRED TIES starting 25 feb

Sunanda and Manohar try their best to convince the other family to marry Archana as part of an arranged marriage but things don’t work out exactly the way they planned. An unknown man catches Archana's attention.


Lies of the Heart


Shashi informs Samrat of Damini and Sandhya's plans and when asked about it, both Damini and Sandhya deny it. Samrat goes for coffee with another woman, not expecting Shashi and Tani to be at the same place. Asha and Urmi see Gaurav in the sari shop with his secretary.Samrat lies to Tani and goes to meet Kiran. Urmi and Ishan finally convince Tani about Samrat. Shashi tries to cover up for Samrat, but this time the whole family is against Samrat. Samrat’s night of fun, turn into a complete nightmare. Urmi tries to convince Asha that Gaurav is not cheating on her. Tani’s diamond ring goes missing and she starts to blame Rani. Urmi finds tablets under Shaurya's bed. Ishan and Urmi find out that someone in the house wants to intentionally harm Shaurya, question is who? Urmi and Ishan finally locate Munna and manage to find out who's trying to harm Shaurya. Samrat goes to meet Kiran once again but this time Urmi and Ishan overhear his entire conversation.


365 KRISHI 22H00

Tensions rise between Pintu and Krishi because of Sikka. With Nirmal’s help Sikka goes go Krishi’s office. Ravi loses his job a part of Sikka’s plan. Krishi goes to raid Sikka’s factory but is disappointed in what she finds there. The BDO office is broken into.  Tuntun asks Pintu to get Krishi’s signature on land papers and she signs them blindly. Krishi is given 24 hours to prove her innocence. Tuntun steals the CD proving Krishi’s innocence from her room. Vidyapati has a nightmare and asks that cleansing rituals are performed. Ravi and Vidyapati go to confront Sikka and what they hear is shocking. Sikka is eager for revenge and conspires to get Krishi killed. Tuntun accompanies Krishi to prove her innocence. Krishi finds out that her hearing has been postponed and they go to the temple. Sikka’s goon fires at Krishi but misses and hits a member of her family. Vidyapati is pushed off the wall and is rushed to hospital. Saraswati takes Krishi from Tuntun’s house. As she’s not able to prove her innocence Krishi gets suspended and Pinky becomes the new officer.