Zee World Weekly Highlights 17 September - 23 September

Iron Lady

Iron Lady

Indira falls into a coma and it seems that Rishi’s hopes of becoming a father are about to come to an end. Shweta makes a decision towards the situation that may affect the future she had hoped to share with Rishi. 8 have gone by and the Sharma house has changed dramatically. Inder has lost his mind and Munna has been left by his wife with 2 children to take care of. Indu is determined to find out the truth of who Indira Sharma is, but Rishi refuses to tell her. Indu runs off to Mumbai and Rishi goes to look for her. His search leads him to the home of Zaara Malik Khan, an intensely committed policewoman. In the hearing of Zaara’s voice, can Rishi keep it together? Munna is smitten with his new crush, however his family doesn’t agree with him getting re-married, especially Seher.


My Golden Home


Top shot lawyer Jagmohan presents his case in court and a surprise soon awaits him. Latta has another encounter with Samarjit outside court while Uday confronts Jagmohan. Abha finds a cufflink in Jagmohan's room but cannot figure out who it belongs to. Abha gets a harsh awakening about Sanskar and finds herself trapped in a corner, while Sanskar gets even more obsessed with Abha. Sania's love for Sanskar has blinded her from seeing the truth and Karan questions Abha and Sanskar's closeness. The Prasad and the Singh family are in turmoil, Karan severs all ties with Abha, while Sanskar tells Sania the bitter truth.


Twist of Fate 2


Tanu breaks down when she realises that destiny is always on Pragya’s side. Abhi brings Pragya to the Mehra house as his secretary. The family are left dumbfound after realising that she has been working in his company. Aliya's reasons for drugging Abhi are revealed. Abhi sees demeaning headlines about his behaviour towards Tanu. To restore Abhi's reputation, Aliya suggests that Abhi take a step that will change his life drastically. Pragya is left dumbfound after witnessing Abhi proposing to Tanu. She takes the decision to stop working for Abhi but destiny has a different plan for her. Abhi sees Purab at Pragya's house and begins to ask question. How will Pragya and Purab talk their way out of this? Abhi reveals that he has started getting his memory back.




It appears that Bhanu and Vanraj are working together to destroy the Thakurs. Mithilesh steals Maya's jewellery to pay off Vanraj. Mithilesh tracks down and tries to kill Vanraj for his betrayal. Bindiya vows to bring Priyom’s killer to justice and goes to the police station against everyone's wishes, to file a case against Mithilesh. Grandma plans to twist the truth of Priyom's death in order to get Mithilesh acquitted. Grandma allows Manohar back into the Thakur mansion. Manohar does something so unthinkable to Bindiya that leaves everyone stunned and his new target is Guddi. Can anyone stop him?


The Promise


Rashi uses her condition to bring Jai and Bani together. Jai seeks back his place in the family. He however receives unexpected outcome. Bani finds out the truth behind Jai's night with Piya. Pushkar strikes a deal with Piya, one that will bring her closer to him. Rashi request that Ranveer gets remarried. However the bride she has chosen for him seems to be putting up a front. Rano's attempt to save Sahil’s life has put both hers and the baby's lives in dangers. Abhilasha is proving to have an agenda behind marrying Ranveer. Celebration are underway, the family is going through with Abhilasha and Ranveer’s wedding. Jai finds out about Abhilasha’s con artistry history.