Zee World Weekly Highlights 10-16 May


Ring of Fire


The grandchildren seem to be fighting for their grandmothers love and with the way grandmother is treating them, it seems like Sakshi is going to lose the fight of her love.


Jodha & Akbar


Rahim tells Jodha that he saw Maham Anga adding something to the saffron. Jodha brings Rahim as her witness but fails to prove anything. Jalal takes Jodha on a hunting trip where he gets injured, Jodha bravely brings injured Jalal to the palace.


Twist of Fate


Prachi's mom informed the police that Ranbir and Prachi have been held captive in a warehouse near River Yamuna. Everyone sees the love between Prachi and Ranbir, Pragya tells her daughter but she denies everything.


Curse of the Sands (Starts 10 May)


A witch, named Mohini, is waiting to reunite with her lover who is reborn as Ram. However, Ram is married to Siya. Mohini tricks Ram into spending a night with her in exchange for saving Siya from her black magic. Ram reluctantly agrees after Mohini promises to never come into their lives again after that. There begins a supernatural thriller love triangle.